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It started as a dream for me (Akhil) right after I graduated from school.

My team and  I won an international film festival for our documentary made at a budget of hardly Rs. 1500-2000. I was 19 at that time and decided to never stop.

Like a typical dreamy eyed boy, I dreamt of going to Mumbai and working in the industry.
But due to financial constraints neither could I go to Mumbai nor could I make it to a film school.

After struggling for work in Delhi, I started creating wedding films. I had a documentary background from my college days, so


my wedding films were documentaries of the couples' stories. Till today, the soul of my wedding films remains the same.

I also gave a name to my creations, The Cinema Dreamer...because I still carry that dream of making it big in Cinema.

Then at one of the weddings I met Chinmay, who was there to shoot his first wedding and also had a strong fashion background deriving from his experience at the top model agency in Delhi, Purple Thoughts.
We interacted and realised we share the same passion for filmmaking, be it weddings, documentaries or travel.

Soon we became good friends and started working together. As a team we created wedding films, travel films, corporate films and worked with bollywood celebrities too!

After covering more than 50 weddings, tons of corporate films with renowned brands like Hindustan times, Modinagar Rolls Limited, Cico, Dalmia Cement, Mahagun, Prodi; travel projects with Tvs motors, Deyor camps, Togedr; and working with Discovery channel etc, the passion for filmmaking keeps getting stronger inside us.

We artists love what we do and our enduring passion for art motivates us to follow our dreams and weave beautiful stories into films.
It is all about love and dreams for us.

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